Wellness Trace

From GE Digital, Aviation Software

At GE Digital, we are striving to help the aviation industry get back up and running as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. To help with this mission, we’ve created Wellness Trace, a health application based on blockchain technology that can be used to track people’s medical screening results, object sanitation, and more. With the use of this application, your organization can maximize occupancy while still adhering to regulations and protocols, improve customer trust and confidence, and prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 to avoid shutdowns.

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Travelers move with confidence when using GE’s Wellness Trace.

While our primary focus is on the aviation industry, we recognize the opportunity to provide a complete end-to-end travel experience. This application can be configured to work with any step in a traveler’s journey.

Primary Use Cases

Employee Screening

At GE, we want to ensure customers are coming into contact with employees and workers who are regularly screened. Wellness Trace can be configured to automatically store medical test results for easy verification of cleared workers. The information can be accessed quickly and used to create easy control access to different zones of your premises depending on the results of your employees.

Object Cleaning Control

We want to certify that all surfaces and objects are clean so travelers can have peace of mind their time is safely spent with you. Wellness Trace can be configured to track cleaning events. Customers can scan QR codes to confirm the last cleaning event of an object or the entire cleaning history. This helps build accountability, brand loyalty, and customer trust. You can use this application to scan any object for which you want to provide transparent cleaning information such as:

  • Public lavatories
  • Check in desk area
  • Lounges
  • Restaurants
  • Rooms
  • Elevators
  • Third parties (taxis, rideshares, etc.)
  • And more

Customer Screening

GE Digital, Aviation Software wants customers to feel confident and comfortable resuming everyday activities. With Wellness Trace, customers can feel certain travel providers are following protocols and taking precautions, while also storing their own medical test results for verification upon check-ins, arrivals, departures, and more.


This application is built on blockchain technology. Wellness Trace is configurable to enable you to continue to maintain compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations. Personal data is not stored with test results.

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We leverage partners to make this technology state-of-the-art.

Built on best-in-class technology –Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Blockchain Service provides the infrastructure allowing us to focus on customer solutions
  • PowerBI enables customers to clearly understand key metrics through a simple interface
  • Integrated with the latest security offerings such as Decentralized Identity Manage

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Leveraging TE Foods technical depth and proven blockchain capabilities

  • One of the 10 largest blockchains
  • Operating the world’s largest blockchain-based food security network
  • Experience in providing secure digital identities

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Wellness Trace is now available on Android and Apple devices